Emma Finn
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The Gameshow: Artefact as Fiction

Special thanks to those that took part
Gemma Crook
Gabriel Gordon Hall
Rachel Lee
Helen Leigh
Michael Owers
Rachel McBrinn
Serafima Mehhovits
Hazel Powell
Roween Suess
Mina Heydari Waite
Brian Ward
Jake Watts


16th July 2016

Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop

The Gameshow: Artefact as Fiction was a discursive arts event lead by Emma Finn and Suzanne van den Lingen, focused on playful interaction between participants and contributors to tease apart how artefacts can behave, not as fact but as fiction devices. They can either be objects made by man and used by institutions or as 'errors' from its technological meaning; glitches which confront the viewer.
Daniel Rourke in interview with Hito Steyerl; "Glitches expose us to the inner dynamism of the digital, but I wonder what it is about the current conditions of our society that tend to turn us away from the tensions and contestations locked up there in the first place?" -Rourke "One of the biggest misunderstandings about digital information is that it is replicated identically, without loss or transformation. But anyone who works with such information knows that digital practice is constituted – like perhaps any technology – by malfunction." - Steyerl
Even when it comes to objects as artefacts in museums, they represent more of the subjectivities of what people expect and desire from their museum experiences and the cultures they learn about.

Supported by ESW.

 Video footage recorded by Rachel McBrinn and Helen Leigh, edited by Emma Finn