Emma Finn

Muscle Wire


Gerald Moore Gallery, London

MUSCLE WIRE was the Gerald Moore Gallery’s spring 2017 commission. A process driven project, it consisted of a research-led residency and exhibition involving two contemporary artists and a diverse group of A Level students from three south London schools.

For one month, Amy Ash and Emma Finn worked alongside fourteen dedicated young people, using Gerald Moore Gallery as their studio space. Together, they carried out collaborative action-based research related to the future of memory. The artists were brought together by a shared interest in humankind’s ever-evolving relationship with information gathering and storage. The young people involved in MUSCLE WIRE were selected from the diverse communities of Eltham College, Erith School and Thomas Tallis School.

MUSCLE WIRE aimed to offer an alternative to traditional learning environments by inviting a group of young people to work alongside artists, both leading and assisting in the research generated. Working toward a common goal, the project strived to develop a shared trust in the value of collaboration and the emergent creative process. 

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In keeping with the gallery’s mandate to operate as a space which considers new approaches to learning, the MUSCLE WIRE commission was a space where regular educational hierarchies were dismantled.

publication available here for download