Emma Finn
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Why Rope is Useless and Gesture is Not

This moving image presentation and talk was first shown at ‘Pecha Kucha: Designing Art’, NET WT, Edinburgh College of Art, as part of the Embassy Annuale 2016. 

Emma_Finn_Why rope is useless and gesture is not.jpg

 As an artist working with moving image, performance and drawing, I am fascinated by the current state of gesture today - as an intrinsically dithering presence and language between man and technology which began with the invention of the rope.

 A rope without a knot is merely a line but it takes hands (vehicles of duty that only speak in the language of gesture) to create the software (the knot) that the hardware (the rope) needs to be of use. Hands as communicators are often depicted in cinema and philosophy as having a consciousness and independent will of their own but at the same time we're expected to keep them under control. The talk’s content weaves between anecdote and historic elements, with references and contradictions towards other creators as well as filmmakers, industrial engineers, theorists and psychologists.