Emma Finn
image 7.jpg

piece of (shit) pipe

2019, SD Video, found footage and new audio, 7.33 mins

The Pied Piper as a reversed model of artist work resistance.

The story of how artists pipe their work into the world. At first, artists make the honest mistake of birthing works from their inner worlds, defenceless... Small and playful…. They drive the works, backwards, to the world. Most trip before reaching the world. The art sets out to work, but quickly the artist realises, it’s the world, putting the works to task, but some roles are not meant for these young art works. 

The art world pokes the artist about what they have brought them. The works are so sweet, and small. You really shouldn’t have bothered, they cry.

The artist is, bothered..… so bothered. Very bothered.

There is another way. Think of works, not as children… but as rats.